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“Hot. Even Mrs. Carson, who runs the grocery store, is sitting over by the screen door. Everybody’s trying to catch a little breeze.

The lid to the pop cooler outside is cool. Sit on it while you drink your grape soda. Mamma said we’ll probably have a cold dinner tonight, maybe potato salad and watermelon.

It’s hot……..It’s August”.

The “Breckenridge Ski News” declared it to be the “downhill challenge race” of the century. Collin “Fresh Powder” Smith vs. Alice “Lightening” Smith and her co-pilot Daisy “Daredevil Dog” Smith. The smart money was on Alice and Daisy but a prominent ski insider divulged that “Fresh Powder” Smith had, for the past week, been polishing his skies with “Everbright Deluxe Shoe Polish“.

Odds makers were calling it a draw.………… and the race began.