Printing with Canon!

Byerley Studio has always been an art publishing company dedicated to the reproductions of Bob Byerley. In 2003 we examined the Giclee printing process where the ink is sprayed onto the paper or canvas surface. The early printed examples before 2003 had some serious banding issues, and the color was not very well controlled. We discovered the Epson line of printers while printing "The Dreamers" executive edition at a Washinton state giclee company. We had customers spray the back of the image to tighten the canvas, and the ink washed off the front of the canvas. We took over the process and controlled the color with Epson and their color system. 

Fast forward to 2018; we are now upgraded from the original 2003 printer which had 6 colors to 12 colors. This printer is capable of printing a 24x30 in around 3 minutes. The old printer would do that same print in 35 minutes. We are truly amazed at the color that this printer is producing for us with smooth color transitions and near perfect black tones. This printer is also the reason why we can sell you a poster with no white around the borders. We hope you consider these advances in quality standards when you consider adding our products to your cart.