The Reunion

Bob Byerley proudly presents his first series of paintings to be released as a set.

Into the Woods (top left)
The Sack Race (top right)
The Hot Dog Roast (bottom left)
Bobbing for Apples (bottom Right)

“One of my most favorite memories from my childhood is that of our fall family reunions. Each year before Halloween our entire family, on my mother‘s side, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, cousins and even a few old neighborhood friends would gather at my Aunt Debbie‘s and Uncle Rodger’s farm to eat, play and share stories from the past year. For me, it was always as much fun as Christmas.
“Look how tall Dylan has grown …. You know Great Grandpa Smith was over six feet. I imagine that’s who Dylan takes after.”

The New Release of Wildflowers