An Invitation
to Flight

    Bob Byerley published his first book in 1997 and the editions are no longer available for sale. The book is titled “An Invitation to Flight, the Paintings of Bob Byerley”. The book includes one hundred and five full color, full page plates of Byerley’s past paintings. Also included is a section that lists and shows all of the artist’s published prints and canvases. There is a section on Bob’s models, his painting techniques, and many interesting stories about the paintings themselves.

    There are two editions of the book: the standard hard cover book, and a deluxe limited collector’s edition. The collectors book is presented in a cloth slip cover box with gold embossing. It is a limited edition of 950 copies with 50 Artist’s Proofs. Each is hand signed and numbered and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. Also included in the deluxe edition is a signed and numbered limited edition mini print of Byerley’s “The Laughing Place”; the number of the print, corresponds to the number of the book.

Deluxe Edition Book